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About Broderick Boyd

Broderick (Brody) Boyd struggled for years with loneliness, depression & suicidal thoughts before he finally broke through, hired his dating coach and shortly after met his amazing, loving & highly supportive wife!

Brody has now been helping thousands of single successful men all over the world for over 14+ years to attract the high-quality, beautiful & intelligent women of their dreams ASAP without fear, frustration or wasting any more time with disappointment, rejection or regret!

He has a degree in Communications and Interpersonal Relationships and has spoken on hundreds of stages, TV & radio shows all over the world such as Harvard University, Good Morning San Diego, LATV, The Great Love Debate and America Trends TV.

For over a decade he also studied everything that he could get his hands on in the areas of women, dating & attracting amazing relationships with high-quality women quickly without anxiety, low-confidence or screwing it up!

He now lives in the beautiful San Diego area with his loving wife Antia and looks forward to helping YOU to attract the woman of your dreams and becoming one of his next great client success stories! 🙂

Amazing Client Reviews!

Ruben G.

“10 days after I started Brody’s program, I broke out of the friendzone and went out on a date with a girl who is now my current girlfriend in just 3 weeks! His material and coaching really helped me feel more comfortable with myself and be more confident in a way that all the things I want are manifesting right in front of me. Thank you!”

Ruben G. Phoenix, Arizona
Thomas L.

“I was not ready to see a woman for a while due to my sadness of my last relationship and so before finding Brody I started with online dating (big mistake that I quit). I knew that I needed some tips along with dating practice to get me back to doing it well and successfully. I did not know if a dating counselor like Brody would help me, I had never gone through one before and due to how hopeless I was feeling I just needed to try something new to improve my dating life. I felt I just needed a change and this is what encouraged me to go with Brody. I’m so glad that I did, as I’m now dating an amazing woman named Candice! I now have better dating techniques and I’m able to make the woman who I am dating and myself happy, having fun, and feeling comfortable. All of those things make me so much happier and feeling more successful. I am also now feeling much more mature with my dating habits. Have one conversation with Brody before you decide whether or not you will go with a dating counselor. Until you speak with someone like Brody, you will not know what a dating counselor will give you. It is best to continue learning and trying a new / good thing to help you improve both your life and your dating experiences. Thank you so much!”

Thomas L. Daly City, California
Michael L.

“Hi Brody, I’ve been busy. I just moved into a new apartment with the woman I will probably marry, thanks to you. 🙂 I’ve read a lot of material from dating coach gurus, but nothing beats personal one-on-one coaching. Seeing you in action at the bar was amazing and having you, the expert, review my own performance led to immediate improvement. Reading all of your material helped, but actually taking action and reciting my confidence building story every day made real and lasting changes for me. I feel like all aspects of my life are better now as a more confident and social person. Thank you Brody!”

Michael L. San Francisco, California
Jeremy G.

“I just want to say thanks. I went through your program and I’ve gained a ton of friends since, and I now have a new and amazing girlfriend! Thanks brother!”

Jeremy G. Denver, Colorado
Ian S.

“Before working with Broderick, I hadn’t had any success with women for about a year. After starting Broderick’s program, I romantically connected & hooked up with a great girl in 2 weeks, and 3 girls total in the first 3 months! In fact, men are now asking ME for advice on meeting women when I go out socializing, and I feel dramatically more confident with women and can approach quality women any time I want now with ease. Thanks a ton man, your stuff is AMAZING!”

Ian S. San Francisco, California
Dan M.

“Before working with Brody, I had went 3 years without having any sex or romantic connections with women at all. After working with Brody, I’ve already romantically connected with 4 amazing girls who I see some amazing potential with in just the first MONTH!”

Dan M. San Francisco, California
Pedro, R.

“I feel more confident and think “screw it! I don´t care what anybody thinks… I was miserable when living like that. Thank you so much for your help. I feel blessed. You and your wife are the only ones I have completely opened up. Thank you, it feels good.”

Pedro, R. Leon, Mexico
Elliott C.

“Real change is not easy. Real change requires grit and a community to push you further every week and keep you accountable. Working with Brody and his community of motivated men is one of the best way to create the long lasting change you want in your romantic life, whatever that may mean for you. It’s hard work, but when you look back at how much you’ve changed, you will barely recognize the man you began as.”

Elliott C. San Francisco, California
Ryan B.

Thanks for the great videos in the program. I feel like I’ve watched them at least 10 times this week they’re so good. I went through a living hell in my marriage this last year. Once I heard your message, it was like a raging bonfire appeared out of nowhere in my deep, dark cave. THANKS BROTHER!”

Ryan B. Dallas, Texas
Marco C.

“Your program is great man!!!! Very very informative and very veryabsorbing… The way you deliver your information is also reallyfantastic… Most important of all, hats off for sharing the knowledgethat you have with others, very few do it… Keep up the good workdude :-)“

Marco C. Chicago, Illinois
Rodrigo N.

“Been using your material you for a while and you’ve got a ton ofinsightful information. I’m always on the edge to improving and beingthe best that I can be. You truly are an inspiration, and I want toapplaud you for that. Thanks mate!”

Rodrigo N. Fresno, California
Skip S.

“I have been listening to your talks and teachings on a very regular basis now. I have definitely benefited from them. First of all, I have you, Brody, in my Hero’s folder on my Facebook among all the people that have helped me transform. Secondly, the topics you send us are very up to date in the way of being Manly and they are great Manhood Development skills. There has been times when I just need to know something and the next video I watch addressed the same thing. I have been blessed having you as a Friend and a Mentor. Thank you!”

Skip S. Moline, Illinois
Andrew H.

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for providing this kind of service. There are many people out there who struggle in this area, and it’s encouraging to know that there are people out there like yourself who are passionate about helping people find the one.”

Andrew H. New Orleans, Louisiana
Jack E.

“I have social anxiety, and deal with a constant struggle to initiate or continue small talk with anyone. I plan on going to school for business and eventually opening a small business… YOUR PROGRAM MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE FOR ME. Thank you 🙂

Jack E. Los Angeles, California
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